I’m a multidisciplinary designer with 8 years of experience. I am currently lead designer at ϟ Super, a platform that transforms Notion pages into lightning fast static websites. Previously I worked closely with 🍃 42 Acres, a nature reserve and retreat centre. Before that I spent 6 years as a freelancer working across web, graphics, motion and art direction for a range of clients including music labels like Sony, Atlantic and Warner.

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I'm most experienced in the fields of graphic design, branding, UI Design & frontend development. I especially love trying to find solutions to all kinds of creative and digital problems whether that is finding the best way to communicate with a particular audience or implementing systems and processes to help teams collaborate more efficiently.

My career started 8 years ago when I graduated University to begin working immediately in the music industry providing artwork, motion graphics and websites for hip-hop musicians working under world-renown labels such as Atlantic Records, Sony Music and Warner Brothers. (Wiz Khalifa, P Diddy, Soulja Boy, Rick Ross, Hoodie Allen to name a few).

Whether I'm crafting a website, brainstorming a strategy or writing copy – I create with a sensitivity to the human experience and an awareness of how the results will make people think, feel and react in the moment, and in years to come.

As of late, I am becoming deeply passionate about clean frontend design with an attention to detail and trying to solve everything with Notion.

Some personal interests:

🖥 Creative expression via technology

🗿 Pre-historic art & megalithic monuments

🏕 Wild camping, bushcraft & hiking

🍄 The therapeutic use of Entheogens

✨ Minimal design aesthetic

Reading 📖


Deep work by Cal Newport


Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

Recursion by Blake Crouch

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Mindsight - The New Science of Personal Transformation by Daniel J Siegel MD

Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell

Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Waking up by Sam Harris

Tool stack 🔧

The tools I love and use every day to organise, design and explore.

VS Code

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Some products that I have tried, tested and continue to use.

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Testimonials 💬

Josh is a problem solver, pure and simple. Measured in his approach, solution-focused, and always observing with real purpose before putting his point across. When it comes to design (both in terms of aesthetics and practicalities), he's got the perfect balance to produce the right outcome.

Moe Hashimi, Entrepeneur

Josh is an extremely talented multidisciplinary designer, we've crossed paths multiple times and I'm always impressed with his in-depth knowledge across multiple fields as well as his eagerness to ensure the client is receiving the very best final product. Josh is a very pleasant person to work with – I have been personally influenced by Josh's approach to work, life and design processes. I'm already looking forward to crossing paths once again.

Barry Woodhall, Founder Moken

I would highly recommend Josh for any brand strategy and brand design work. He completely rebranded our company, from initial discovery and workshops right through the execution. He's also a pleasure to work with, has great communication and sticks to deadlines and budgets.

Chris Plowman, Co-founder @ Floatworks