A Render Per Day: Fractal Realities Series

This project was inspired mostly by Beeple by some articles I had read about the benefits of participating in an every day design challenge. At the time of being inspired my initial thoughts were: "There's not a chance in hell that I can fit time in every day to do such a thing" (Turns out I was wrong!). So I set out to create an every day series focused on fractals, a metaphysical subject that I had been fascinated with for a long while and I always had an underlying passion to create art with the concept of a fractal in mind. I focussed specifically on Three-Dimensional fractals because to me, they feel more 'real' and relatable just because you can identify them as a possible place in space, an alien planet or a completely new and warped reality with different laws of physics. Whereas the more common Two-Dimensional fractals are harder to relate to and just appear as a funky psychedelic pattern. 

Some days were easy, some were hard. After a week of being consistent the entire process embedded itself into my regime and it became second nature to complete a piece before I slept (Once or Twice I was either too busy or forgot and rushed to upload just after midnight). I identified and adopted my own unique process of rendering an image in one piece of software, exporting it into another piece of software and then finally touching it up in Photoshop. Many people have asked me how I created these pieces and I will finally announce my secret: Mandelbulb3D. It is an amazingly under-rated piece of software that allows you to create an infinite number of unique and fascinating 3d fractal landscapes based on mathematical equations and formula's. I combined this software with Maxon's Cinema4d and Adobe's Photoshop to create my own unique style.

So I managed to do it, I completed one unique piece of art for every single day in May. Not only did I learn a lot in the process but it also motivated me on other projects I was working on at the time. It helped fill the gaps between projects that are usually stuffed with procrastination and allowed motivational states of mind to flow smoothly into one-another. I'm really happy with the outcome of most of the pieces but more excited for the future of implementing the skills I've learnt along the way. I'm going to focus more on the animated 3D Fractal pieces and have already got plans in the works for a music video using this technique in collaboration with the super talented musician Eikona so look out for that in the near future!